About me...

My life has been about evolution and transformation, be it self awareness, jobs, parenting, caring  career, relationships. 

Who am I?

I am a professional transformational life coach.

I left my full time role in 2022 to follow my dream and become a coach full time.

I have worked in large corporate companies and I have run a business delivering arty parties and classes to children. 

I have worked and planned for many years towards finding the work, life, play balance that suits me and my family's needs.

I have discovered more about myself and others through the adversities I have experienced than I ever thought possible.

Transformational life coach is a fancy name, but what does that mean for you?

I work with people who know they have things to do or places to be in life but have got stuck along the way. My clients have found themselves evolving and experiencing some of this but not quite sure how to move forward and this is where I help.

In my experience in the corporate world with individuals and teams; and more recently in working with small businesses I have seen how we get in our own way. (I use the word "we" because I also get in my own way, regularly!)

As humans our brains are designed to keep us in a safety holding pattern which sometimes results in unhelpful thinking and behaviours. For others, they want to leverage their success and grow even more but not sure how to get there..

Often the solution is simple, (albeit not always easy to implement) but it takes an outside observer to help spot the patterns, identify the solutions and get you back on the path you are destined to walk. 

The patterns could relate to motivation, procrastination, Imposter syndrome, fear, shame or ...insert own difficulties/ challenges here.... They generate feelings of judgement, anger, shame, doubt, lack of confidence within your mind which can be tricky to see, let alone let go of.

My job is to help you spot and unlock these patterns and see where they might be holding you back. To work out how to overcome the thought patterns and accelerate the potential that is locked inside of every human. To walk the journey with you and create the space for you to hold them up to the light and examine them in a way that allows you to see them for what they really are.

When was the last time you gave yourself the permission to spend time on YOU?

Want to know more?

I work 1:1 and in groups with amazing humans like you who want to invest in themselves and make a difference.